• Hot Tubs

    Hot Tubs

    We do leak repair, heating problems, retrofit older units, give advice on investing in older units or moving on.

  • Pools


    We do equipment repair.

  • Saunas, Jetted Baths, & Steamers

    Saunas, Jetted Baths, & Steamers

    We offer repairs to pumps and housing for Jetted Baths, and replacement or repairs to heating controls for Saunas and Steamers.

  • All types of part replacement and repair

    All types of part replacement and repair

    Heating, Plumbing, Ozonators, Pumps (circulation or jet), Jets & Jet Internals, Filters & Filter Housing

What We do

We repair hot tubs and pools, supply parts, filters, covers, and chemicals


I have been in business since 1995 and achieved a reputation for honesty and skill. My company has been listed at Angies list with a consistent top rating. My motto has been, “I’d rather please you at a loss, than disappoint you at a profit.”